About Institute

Bonnie Foi Co-ed School is run by Bonnie Foi Society, Bhopal.The Bonnie Foi Society founded in good faith by Dr. G. K. Iyer (D. Litt.), Founder, Chairman, renowned Educationist, Author, Fellow, Sociologist, Editor, IT expert, Director and Co-ordinator needs no introduction, with 31 years of dedicated service to Information Technology, the man is an institution in himself, has established Bonnie Foi Graduate College, Bonnie Foi Post Graduate College, Bonnie Foi Law College, Bonnie Foi Infocom., Bonnie Foi Post Graduate Diploma College, Bonnie Foi School of Art, Culture & Fashion Centre, Association of Computer Professionals, Bonnie Foi Hr. Sec. School, Bonnie Foi Sr. Sec. School, Bonnie Foi Co-ed School, Bonnie Foi Institution for teacher education, Bonnie Foi Football Association, Bonnie Foi Cricket Academy & BFS-IGNOU-CS-Centre. The Bonnie Foi Group bagged the Prestigious National Udyog Excellence Award, Presented by International Business Council (IBC), New Delhi and is also awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

A centre for excellence in academics and all-round self development, the School has staff with highly qualified, trained and dedicated faculty.The curriculum is state-of-the-art and will lay the groundwork for pupils to propose promising careers in the future. More than that, an extensive range of extra curricular activities will be vigorously promoted to foster all-round development of the students. With spacious accommodation, modern infrastructure and well equipped sports facilities, the school is an ideal training ground for the bright sparks of tomorrow.

Why Bonnie Foi?

  • Commitment: To excellence in quality
  • Integrity: Towards the young ones
  • Team Work: Towards our mission
  • Strive: To blend modernity with Indian culture
  • Focused: To give the best individual attention and all round grooming
  • Inventive: To abandon the irrelevant and move in an extraordinary direction
  • Determination: To achieve perfection in mind, body and spirit
  • Challenge: To give the best in learning, above all, discipline and moral values
  • Balance: Between academic pursuits and extracurricular activities
  • Toils: To give meaningful education, to produce compassionate, tolerant,strong individuals ready with skills they need to surmount the challenges they will face in the world outside

Our Groups

  • Bonnie Foi Sr.Sec. School(C.B.S.E)
  • Bonnie Foi Hr.Sec. School(M.P.Board)
  • Bonnie Foi College:
    1. Under Graduate Degree Courses
    2. Post Graduate Degree Courses
    3. Post Graduate Diploma Courses
    4. Professional Degree Courses
  • Bonnie Foi Infotech
  • Association of Computer Professionals

C.B.S.E Courses

  • Compulsory Subjects:
    - Sp. English
    - Physics
    - Chemistry
    - Biology
    - Mathematics
    - Business studies
    - Accountancy
    - Economics
  • Optional Subjects:
    - Gen. Hindi
    - Sanskrit
    - Computer Science
    - Information Practices
    - Bio-Technology
    - Physical Education
    - Hindi


  • C.B.S.E. Delhi, Affi. No. 1030184
  • M.P. Board of Secondary Education, Govt of M.P.
  • An ISO - 9001:2008 Certified Institution