Our Campus

Campus Culture

With the help of its competent aadministration and faculty. thei School endeavors to offer to its students, a comprehensive learning experience that fosters academic excellence.all round development and sensitivity to societal needs and responsibilities. To make this possible a concerted effort is made to provide an educstional environment and experience that gives opportunities to the learners to develop a balance of intellectual aesthetic and social qualities that characreriie the total human experience. and challenge stttdcpts thinking and abilities. The caring environment encourages strong ethical values, personal mtegrity and sense of responsibility, Hence the campus culture supports :

* Professional grooming.
* Freedom to initiate, innovate and experiment.
* An atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
* Cultural enrichment .
* Sports and sportsmanship.
* Corporate exposure .
* Community service .
* Teacher learner interaction.
* Expossure to general awareness, public speaking, literature etc.


There are separate fully equipped laboratories, one each for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Bio-Technology, Physical Edu., Language and Computer for the students to experiment, learn and to come to one's own conclusion because learning by doing makes concrete concept formation.

Computer & IT Lab

The institute is committed to deliver high quality, research lab education in Information Technology and its interface with other disciplines. "I" & "T" the two letters have changed our world as never before. The School has a state of the art computer lab with internet facility managed by qualified staff. The institute has the latest equipment installed in its computer lab to meet both present and future needs of the industry. The center is well equipped with latest computers, software packages and hardware equipment. The systems are connected through LAN and have internet connectivity at all times. The admission procedures, payment of fees and several other administrative functions are computerized to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Staff and students enjoy free use of computers and Internet for projects, research, presentations, workshops, lectures etc.

Why Bonnie Foi?

  • Commitment: To excellence in quality
  • Integrity: Towards the young ones
  • Team Work: Towards our mission
  • Strive: To blend modernity with Indian culture
  • Focused: To give the best individual attention and all round grooming
  • Inventive: To abandon the irrelevant and move in an extraordinary direction
  • Determination: To achieve perfection in mind, body and spirit
  • Challenge: To give the best in learning, above all, discipline and moral values
  • Balance: Between academic pursuits and extracurricular activities
  • Toils: To give meaningful education, to produce compassionate, tolerant,strong individuals ready with skills they need to surmount the challenges they will face in the world outside